About Ahmedgarh

Ahmedgarh is one of the emerging towns in Sangrur District of Punjab state. The town is part of Malerkotla Tehsil. It is located 50 kms away from headquarter city of Sangrur and just 26 kms away from Ludhiana. Owing to its proximity with few industrial and prominent towns, Ahmedgarh has witnessed steady economic progress over past few decades. The economic progress surely has had desired impact on social infrastructure of this town.

About Ahmedgarh

History of Ahmedgarh

Today Ahmedgarh’s visible economic growth may not easily make us believe that this town roots are traceable even before great Harrapan civilization. However, many startling archeological discoveries made many years back in Malerkotla Tehsil gave us compelling evidence that a pre Harrapan civilization indeed lived in many areas of Sangrur District. Only if this astonishing historical revelation is made known to today’s Ahmedgarh people, then they will surely take immense pride over the fact that they live in such a historical town.

There is another very notable account about Ahmedgarh history. Ahmedgarh town was one of the first planned towns of our country. Town planning happened almost three decades before India got independence in 1947. It was planned as a market town on the model of Lyallpur, now known as Faisalabad town located in present day Pakistan. This town planning though was hardly capitalized after India got independence and hence today Ahmedgarh is just as unplanned as any other small town of Punjab.

Economy of Ahmedgarh

Ahmedgarh has a very sustainable and reliable economy. This is partly because of the strategic location visa via industrial towns of Malerkotla and Ludhiana. Both these important industrial towns are located just few kilometers away from Ahmedgarh town, bringing in huge employment opportunities for locals. Needless to say, Ahmedgarh’s locals exploit these opportunities to the fullest. Besides, Ahmedgarh town has its own share of small scale factories that are providing sizable employment for local people here. Significant numbers of small scale factories here are engaged in producing agricultural products like Diggers, Ploughs and Sickles. Ahmedgarh town over the decades has built quite a good reputation for producing such traditional agricultural equipment. This town of Punjab also has a pretty sizeable service sector where participants are mainly banks, retail shops and decent number of self employed people. Besides, decent numbers of educational institutes and restaurants also makeup an integral part of the local service sector here.

Healthcare Services in Ahmedgarh

Judging by the standards of a small town then Ahmedgarh current healthcare services can be termed as pretty efficient. Decent number of well equipped hospitals coupled with good number of chemist shops and clinics makes local healthcare services pretty reliable. Besides, Ahmedgarh’s patients also have option of availing advanced healthcare services available in industrial towns like Malerkotla and Ludhiana where one can find hordes of multi specialty and advanced hospitals that are fully capable of curing all types of life threatening diseases. Additionally, these hospitals are supported with the most advanced infrastructure to conduct complicated operations and surgeries on a very urgent basis. Proximity to all such highly well equipped hospitals obviously come as a relief for local patients of Ahmedgarh. Over all, Ahmedgarh town’s healthcare service is pretty robust. It has its own local infrastructure that is fairly reliable and its proximity with developed towns like Ludhiana makes things further better for its local patients.

Dr. DEV Raj Sharma Memorial Hospital
Address: Railway Road, Ahmedgarh, Sangrur – 148021
Phone no: +(91)-1675-240127, +(91)-9653277929

Sood Hospital
Address: Ahmedgarh, Nr Gandhi School, Sangrur - 148021
Phone no: +(91)-1675-245404

DR. Kundan LAL Hospital
Address: Ludhiana - Malerkolla Road, Ahmedgarh, Sangrur - 148021
Phone no: +(91)-1675-240686, 243886

Kehal Childern & Maternity Hospital
Address: Railway Rd, Ahmedgarh, Sangrur – 148021
Phone no: +(91)-1675-242166, +(91)-9876622263

Transportation in Ahmedgarh

Ahmedgarh town does have a railway station that connects it to many important parts of Punjab state. Some of the important cities that Ahmedgarh Railway station is directly connected to are Amritsar, Ludhiana, Delhi and Dhuri cities. In addition to train services ample number of State run buses also ply through Ahmedgarh town on day to day basis. All in all, decent numbers of auto rickshaws coupled with very well connected local railway station does make life of Ahmedgarh’s commuter’s pretty easy going. Local transportation depends on decent numbers of auto rickshaws in the town which means that local commuters here don't face any trouble in finding auto rickshaws. More so if they want to avail them in heart of the town or in any important landmark areas.

Banking Services in Ahmedgarh

Availability or presence of reputed banks clearly demonstrates economic competitiveness of any town or city. If we do use this as a yardstick then Ahmedgarh is very much economically competitive town in every sense. This is obviously because good numbers of reputed banks are operating their branches here. It is thanks to them that today Ahmedgarh’s citizens can easily avail banking services, including all types of modern banking services and facilities. The same modern services that are typically enjoyed by people of big urban cities. Besides banks, Ahmedgarh town also has good number of ATMs. Their presence obviously ensures that local people can easily encash their cash whenever they want.

Address: Lotey enterprises, Raikot road, Ahmedgarh, Dist. Sangrur. 148021
IFSC Code: ICIC0000968
Phone no: Not available

State Bank of India
Address: Ahmedgarh, Chhapar Road, Dist Sangrur 148021
IFSC Code: SBIN0011913
Phone no: Not available

Address: Chhapar Raikot Road, Ahmedgarh Mandi, Sangrur – 148021
IFSC Code: HDFC0001836
Phone no: 9815331111

Axis Bank
Address: Ground Floor, Khewat no.581, Khatauni no. 844, Near Dhurkot Chowk, Raikot road, Ahmedgarh, Dist. Sangrur, Pin 148021
IFSC Code: UTIB0001989
Phone no: 9872602008

Safety and Security in Ahmedgarh

Like all important towns, even Ahmedgarh has a local police station that takes care of its law and order situation. The police station is operating in the very center of the town. It discharges same duties and responsibilities that all other police stations do. Like registering complains from local people and addressing their problems at earliest, or taking all the preventive measures before important religious festivals, elections etc.

Sangrur Police
Emergency Number 100 : Central Control Room Sangrur
8054545100, 8054545200, 8054545888, 01672-241703,241704

PS Ahmedgarh
Insp Harwinderpal Singh 362/BR
Phone No : 8054545101
MHCs Number : 8054545301
[email protected]

PS Ahmedgarh
Insp. Bikkar Singh 10PR
Phone No : 8054545102
MHCs Number : 8054545302
[email protected]

Ahmedgarh at a glance

Country : India
State : Punjab
District : Sangrur
• Official : Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code : 01675
Vehicle registration : PB 28/13

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